Introducing Moon Gardening

The gravitational interference from the side of moon in traditional gardening is not taken into consideration as that impact is believed to be insignificant. However, according to many agricultural researches and observations, moon’s phases do affect plants’ properties. It is currently a recognized practice to mind lunar calendars for determining favorable dates for planting and harvesting.


Moreover, with the help of lunar calendar you will get to know how to harmonize plantation with phases of the moon for the sake of minimizing need for fertilizing substances and pesticides. Environmental protection is just the first evident benefit of lunar calendar-driven gardening, but it is also free to use and doesn’t have undocumented caveats. Using data collected in countless observations, it is statistically confirmed that air humidity is correlated with moon’s cycle, hence influencing the soil and plants.

But the moon’s effect is far richer than just humidity background. Recorded notions stated increased fertility of soil for some kind of crops during certain sequence of moon’s cycle phases. As the moon travels its cosmic orbit, it gets aligned towards certain star systems. It takes around 3 days for moon to complete a trip between neighboring constellations, which is the basic concept for compiling a moon-driven gardening calendar.