2012 and Mayan Calendar - Thirteen Moon Calendar

Calendar of the Maya, also referred to as the thirteen moon calendar, is an extremely intriguing compilation for the reasons of its unmatched complexity and precision. The Maya civilization has accurately forecasted numerous occurrences over the course of ancient and even modern history. Maybe the most astonishing and controversial prediction made by Calendar of the Maya is related to year 2012 A.C. We will provide some explanations regarding this matter below.


Let’s dig into reasons behind the name “thirteen moon calendar”. This one is actually apparent, as the Maya civilization came up with a thirteen-month date notation as opposed to regular twelve-month. The system’s structure had fixed amount of days, namely 28, per every month. Giving that, there were thirteen occurrences of moon’s full phase in a full Mayan’s year.

It cannot be tracked with utter precision, yet historians insist the calendar of the Maya was initially used on ~590 B.C. Originating date point of the calendar was set on 08/11/3114 B.C. as the Maya introduced methods of precise measurement of long time intervals. As for the intriguing part, the long time interval initially set for Mayan calendar ends on 12/21/2012 A.C. That date is not too far ahead, and that’s why doomsday theory adepts activated intense debates.